Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review Of Rich Man, Poor Man By Irwin Shaw

Rich Man, Poor Man is the story of two brothers whose contrasting natures reflect the turmoil of post-war America. Rudy is the rich man - a romantic who would let no one stand between him and success. Tom is the poor man - the black sheep of the family on the run from his violent past. This book has had a strong influence on a lot of youngsters leaving a deep and permanent impression.

The soap that followed is equally good, although it can't be compared with the book.

The casting is just great. Peter Strauss and his portrayal of Rudy is unforgettable and he fits perfectly fits the role. While Nick Nolte is perfect as the rebellious, hyperactive, irresponsible, but emotional Tom.

Arguably one of the finest TV mini-series.

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