Monday, February 23, 2015

Raju Shrivastava - Filmfare Awards 2007

This show was staged I reckon sometime in early 2007 during the Filmfare Awards.
Raju Shrivastava is absolutely awesome with Manisha Lamba giving ideal support.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Learning English Pronunciation

Learning English Pronunciation - Hamburger fun from the movie, Pink Panther - Steve Martin, a French policeman trying out an English accent...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Clip From The Tracker - Stillwell shoots Noble Adams

"The Tracker" is just an old TV-movie from the 1980's you might think, but thanks to Kevin Jarre's well-written story the film works very well, better than most modern action-oriented Westerns. But the film has also Kris Kristofferson in the main role, and he is suitable as Noble Adams.

I think Kristofferson clearly shows that he handles his role very well, and one of the main reasons why the film works the way it does. Scott Wilson as the protagonist is excellent as usual, with strong contributions by all cast involved. I urge any true Western fan to obtain and watch THE TRACKER; it is an experience to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Any fan of the western genre should collect it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ashton As Walden Gets A Bro-zillian Waxing

Ashton Kutcher (Walden) Gets A Bro-zillian Waxing in Two and a Half Men

MARS - Pump Up The Volume

This totally rocks.
This got banned by the BBC and still made it to number one on the charts..
 1987 was crazy music! Too bad it will never be like that again.

Val Kilmer in The Saint

The Saint was released in 1997 and starred Val Kilmer as the Saint.

Duran Duran - "Out of My Mind" played the soundtrack.

Back in the sixties Roger Moore donned the persona of Simon Templar, known to his fans as The Saint. From the small tube to the Silver Screen, our hero has arisen to a modern audience. With the superb talent of Val Kilmer, the saint is out to accomplish two goals. First he attempts to secure his ambition of amassing $1 billion dollars, and second to perform three miracles.

In the process, he encounters both friends and villains. In this episode, the Saint attempts to save the crumbling Soviet Empire' energy supply, by revamping the scientific and long sought-after formula of Cold Fusion. In this story, he helps Dr. Lev Botvin, (Henry Goodman) perfect the celebrated formula of Physist Emma Russell, (Elisabeth Shue).

The re-energized formula will replenish Russia's dwindling energy and save the Premiere of Russia from the anti-government villains played adroitly by (Rade Serbedzija), Ivan Tretiak, (Valeri Nikolayev) and Vereshagin (Michael Byrne), the arch-enemies of Templar.

Alun Armstrong is believable as Inspector Teal. The film is fast paced and action oriented with plenty of drama, guns, explosions and international intrigue.

Kilmer is fantastic and this film is a classic among all the great films of his career.